About Me: Wife, Mum and Mumpreneur

Lina GillespieGrowing up in Australia for my family was like winning the lottery. My parents left Colombia in the mid 1970’s when crime was beginning to escalate . No one had ever heard of Pablo Escobar, and Medellin Colombia hadn’t made a name for itself. Escaping poverty and petty crime were my parents reasons to leave and when Australia offered non skilled migration opportunities, my parents didn’t need to think twice. They never looked back and lived grateful for every day in Australia.

Our ties remained close with Colombia and Spanish is the language I think in ’emotionally’.  The brand name Mamá y Bebé (pronunced ma-MA e beh-BEH) was an obvious one because of my heritage so when I discovered the name was not globally trademarked, I leapt at the chance to make it mine.

I was inspired to develop the Mamá y bebé range when Spike was three months old. I wanted to wear nice pyjamas to bed that would also allow me to breastfeed easily.  Our range was ready for sale when I was eight months pregnant with Booboo and we then launched in the UK when Tiny was nine months old.

I needed to do this having left a rewarding and challenging career before children. The title of Mumpreneur fitted perfectly for me. I’ve been able to take my three girls to work with me and around me while I’ve grown the Mamá y bebé business. It’s sometimes challenging juggling motherhood and a business but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve suffered the loss of my beautiful Mum young, one failed marriage and many attempts at building a family. Now, I am blessed with three beautiful girls whom I love crazily and madly and I have an amazing husband who is my biggest fan. We love the outdoors, we love to try everything that is put in front of us, we don’t fear change and we just love life.

I like nice things (on the cheap!),  I love food, I’m very practical, I like to think I’m open minded and believe life for everyone should be about choices. I like to hope I’m kind to myself and others.

For some time, I’ve been keeping a diary of my adventures as a mum and mumpreneur but never thought to share it with others on the  Mamá y Bebé site. I was having a good laugh with my husband reading some extracts of my diary and his laughter has encouraged me to start sharing.  So here goes a peek into the life of a wife, a mum to three beautiful girls and owner of mamá y bebé.

I hope I can make you smile or even encourage you a little to pursue your own business idea.

mama y bebe