Are you ready for glacial walking?

BC (Before Children) I operated at a pace that was close to lightening speed. I’ve always tackled everything I do quickly and swiftly. I was a Process Improvement Management Consultant before I had kids. My job was to optimise processes for large companies. Everything had to be made faster and more efficient. This skill naturally transferred into my private life and I was always trying to ‘optimise’ things.  In many situations, I’m afraid that this approach to life just isn’t compatible with children.

toddler parentingI was introduced to Glacial walking when Spike was 20 months old. Before this, she had no interest in walking. She was quite happy to sit and observe from the pram and have me push. I’m not sure if this delay in getting out the pram was anything to do with Booboo’s arrival but whatever it was, nothing was getting her out of the pram until she was good and ready. When she did decide she wanted to walk however, I discovered glacial walking.

OMG! For someone like me, who’s Miss Quick Quick Quick, watching Spike walk at the speed of snail, particularly when we had to be somewhere by a specific time, was torture for me.  She would take a pace or two, stop pick up a flower, smell it, then continue on her walk eventually and keep going along her merry way.

Spike gave me my first real big lesson in  learning ‘how to stop and smell the roses’. Initially though, my frustration was unbearable and I was a slow learner. We started arriving to appointments late because I hadn’t allocated sufficient time for my new walking speed (0.2km per hour) but she eventually taught me (did I have any choice) to just chill out! What else could I do???

When Booboo got out of the pram, she was also a glacial walker and Tiny too has continued in her big sisters’ footsteps. Maybe it’s not just my three – maybe it’s all toddlers although most look a bit faster than mine. Over the past three years, my three girls have forced me to refine my own glacial walking technique. It’s a something I’ve learned to accept and embrace and maximise for my benefit.  I take this time to take in the air, look at the sky and clear my thoughts for the day while enjoying the girls on our walk to wherever it may be.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes, I don’t want to smell the stinking roses. I’m late, I’m exhausted and I just need to get where I’m going with all three girls squished into my double pram going just fast enough to discourage them from jumping out.  Mind you – Tiny has not yet developed any fear of falling out of the pram at speed so I have to watch her carefully. She may or may not have fallen out a few times.  I certainly wouldn’t admit to intentional pram overloading and speeding in court.

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