Bed styling

coca mojo

More often than not, my bedside table looks like an organic-freestyle game of Jenga. Piles of books that I’m craving to read, a cold cup of tea, half an electronics store, a lamp, a few accessories and a couple of Shopkins. My bed is made but definitely doesn’t look like this one from @coca_mojo

I know I could make my room look awesome. Here are some of the hot tips I have been consuming while reading interior magazines in my pyjamas in bed.

  1. No need to be matchy matchy

If you have a bedside table on both sides of the bed, they don’t have to match. To make two different tables work together consider choosing tables of the same height, using accessories with similar colours or colours that compliment each other.

  1. Creative colour

Right now I’m a sucker for matte black, stunning 1950s pastels and metallic finishes. Don’t be scared of colour. Choose colours that reflect your personality, it’s your chance to go a little bit wild!

  1. Height of fashion

Most of the height on my table comes from the piles of books! I would consider a mini book shelf as a bedside table however I’m loving the idea of a taller lamp to create different points of interest.

  1. Light up your space

Lamps on bedside tables are key attention seekers. There is a lamp style for every bedroom and they come in so many different shapes and colours. I think it is nice to choose a lamp that is a little different to your bedside table’s style, so if you have a boxy bedside table consider a lamp with killer curves.

  1. A place to rest

Find a small pretty dish for those bits and bobs that always find their way onto your bedside table. It will give these items a home on your bedside table and it is a great excuse to look through the local galleries and antique stores to find the perfect dish.

  1. Keep is simple

What do I really need on my bedside table? A few beautiful items will always look stunning when they have space to breath.

Perhaps I have been looking at too many interior magazines however bedside table styling looks fun and easy. It is also achievable unlike the carefully ruffled/draped blanket on the corner of the bed – when I try to achieve this look it just appears like I forgot to make the bed!

Have fun giving your bedside table a mini makeover!



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