Thank you to everyone who entered our Mamá y Bebé Annual Customer Survey this year.

mama y bebe customer survey

Designing and manufacturing products to suit everyone especially during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding can be tricky business. Offering quality products at affordable prices is always a challenge. Delivering your goods on time with a smile to ensure you experience customer service the old fashioned way is our goal. Your answers, recommendations and comments will help us continue to do so.

We had over 1200 entrants respond and this is what you all had to say

1. Mamá y bebé offers a good range of products
87% Strongly Agree
More breastfeeding tops are on the way!

2. Mamá y bebé product designs are appeal
93% Agree
Stretch is best!

3. Mamá y bebé offers a good choice of colours
91% Agree

4. Mamá y bebé offers my size
93% Agree
XXL will now be available in most styles

5. Mamá y bebé products are affordable
93% Agree

6. Mamá y bebé’s no questions asked refund/exchange policy is attractive
95% Agree

7. Mamá y bebé’s website is easy to navigate
92% Agree


We appreciate all your comments and thoughts.

mama y bebe