Cutting back on my “Do I have to do everything” boo boo sessions

I’m writing about my husband today, indirectly. I’m not sure he will be thrilled about it but he deserves to be a topic of my blog.

I’ve spent the week in bed mostly in a cloud of endoned consciousness. I had my gall bladder removed on Monday so nothing too serious but major enough to put me on my back not really being able to do a lot. I honestly thought because it was keyhole, I’d be home that same night and would wake up back into action just minus an organ the next day. This was not the case. I slept with a lot of discomfort the night of the operation and the next day woke up with so much pain throughout my body, tears just came out of my eyes without the normal sounds of crying. It was intense.  I hadn’t expected the pain to be so bad. I’d had three vaginal deliveries and thought I had experienced the most pain possible. I was wrong. The wonderful and amazing thing about child birth pain is that it comes in waves and delivers you the biggest prize life can give you. Surgery pain is constant and gives you no moment to breathe. I just had to lay in bed and bare it and hope the double doses of endone and paracetamol took the edge of the pain.

The only thing I prepared ahead of the surgery was having the week off my corporate job and preparing bolognese, chicken soup and chicken curry for the troops. I thought hubby would be hard at work throughout the week and the least I could do was make sure dinner was ready to be reheated and he could get through bed, bath and book routine less scathed.

I have to confess: I have the occasional  “nobody cares in this house” moment and “do I have to do everything?” boo boo sessions when domesticity gets the better of me and I feel like I’m doing it all… all the time..(Does anyone else????) Poor hubby cops it then and in a big way.

But this week was different.  After seeing just how much pain I was in, my beautiful husband called work and told his team he would be working from home to take care of me.

He got the family through this week (always a good reminder for him of what I make happen that he has no idea about) and he did it with so much love and never getting frustrated. And you know what? we all more than survived!

I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to home life and routines so having to stay in bed and watch the chaos unfold without being able to do a thing was testing! But I had to. I couldn’t actually get out of bed to see the state of the house, the kitchen or the floors and couldn’t give my husband the ‘your not doing it my way look’ which as I lie here still in bed, realise that’s probably not that helpful to him when I do that (especially when he is trying to help!).

So nothing too remarkable here but three takeaways: feeling very loved and cared for, I don’t actually do EVERYTHING and also thinking I’ll spread out my ‘do i have to everything in this house’ boo boo sessions a little further apart to cut my husband a bit of slack. Poor bugger!

Thank you my beautiful husband, for loving me, our family and taking such good care of me.


P.s If you too are stuck in bed with nothing to do, binge watch Younger on Stan (for the Mums close to their 40s, you will think it is hilarious!) and Billions also on Stan.  


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