Secret men’s and women’s business

A recent Reddit thread asked, “Men of Reddit; what thing would you do if it wasn’t so feminine or socially unacceptable?”


Before you answer ‘check out Victoria’s Secret catalogues’ for the men of the world, you might be surprised by their responses. Some answers included:

  • Cry
  • Order sweet drinks
  • Knit
  • Use a handbag
  • Wear dresses and skirts
  • Teach pre-school
  • Use perfume.

I thought this was a rather nice reminder of the things we gals sometimes take for granted.  While we often end up destroying our backs lugging around our handbags, gee they’re useful.  And on a gusty day, a flippy dress or skirt can be a nightmare, but during Summer, boy are they a gift from the goddesses of free airflow.

But a couple of the responses made me a little sad. It does seem grossly unfair that it’s less acceptable for our fellas to be able to have a good cry. Sometimes it’s the only appropriate response!  And the answer where the gent said he would teach pre-school children if it was more socially acceptable, broke my heart. He went on to say he loved working with young children and did so early in his career, but saw that parents weren’t comfortable with a man teaching their very young kids.  So he started working with older children.

While we face our challenges, as women we are very lucky in a lot of ways. Being able to show our emotions more readily and being looked at with admiration for stepping into roles in male dominated industries, while our male counterparts are looked at with suspicion when working in female dominated vocations, make me grateful to be a woman!

But the other thing this Reddit post got me thinking about was what masculine behavior I would engage in if it were more socially acceptable.

Belching loudly seems like a pretty good start! It would also be great to be considered a good leader, rather than bossy, and to the point, rather than brusque, when taking the reins in the workplace.

What masculine behavior would you do, if all social norms fell by the wayside?



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