Those terrifying first few days after giving birth

Kate Middleton

I can’t help but wonder what the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge (@katemiddleton) is experiencing now so just four days after Baby Prince Louis Arthur Charles’ arrival (what a fabulous name by the way!) I think about my first week after giving birth and it was full of so many highs and lows.

I remember straight after delivery my midwife saying to me it was time to shower and get ready to go back to my room. I looked at her like she was mad. Did she not just see me deliver a human out of my va-j-j? I thought I couldn’t possibly walk but the miraculous thing about the female body is, it can. It can deliver a baby and then we just keep on going.

I’m going to get a little personal here but I’m a sharer and if you are a first time #mumtobe these are the things you  need to know!

I remember my first number 2. Ohhhh I was terrified. TERRIFIED! The sensation of trying to do a number 2 was too similar to pushing in labour and the thought of splitting my stitches, freaked me out. Did Kate go through this same feeling? I bet she did.

For my babies number 2 and 3 the next ordeal to go through were the after birth pains. I had NO IDEA. I had my 3  girls in 3 years and I truly wonder how really covered my uterus was in between each pregnancy. They say it takes up to 8 weeks for the uterus to heal after delivery. My after birth pains were at times as strong as the onset of labour and I remember just having to breathe through them.

For my baby number 2, the baby blues settled in on day 3. I hadn’t experienced that with my first pregnancy so I had no idea what was happening to me. I cried from dawn until dusk and could only be consoled by one of my very best friends. My husband could do only wrong.  The hormonal surge post delivery had really caught me off guard and I was out for a day.

And whilst all this is going on, it’s the breastfeeding game. I was very fortunate that I had strong milk supply and all my babies latched on well but my challenge started when I was breastfeeding baby number 2. Baby number 1 was not having any of it. I remember sitting down trying to feed my newbie and baby number 2 getting so upset, she would climb onto the couch and start headbutting me. She was only 14 months old and it was the only way she felt she could stop me.

Those first few days after giving birth are tough. It’s about establishing a routine when your body is still just getting back to normal and keeping your precious baby alive. I can imagine Kate has a lot of help on hand but her emotional and hormonal experiences would be exactly what we experience. The grace and style in which she presented her beautiful baby boy to the world only 7 hours after delivery is telling of what an amazing young woman she is. That’s an immense ask in my books but her sense of respect to her duty and now calling is obviously very high. I do wonder if she jumped out of her car having arrived at home after that performance and jumped into her favourite pair of pjyamas!

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